Quartz slabs processing line

Breton's unrivalled experience in the quartz sector

Breton is the world leader in the production of machines and plants for processing of natural and composite stone materials (Bretonstone). 
All the major players in the composite stone sector use Breton's machines, plants and know-how.

Our unrivalled experience and constant commitment to research have enabled us to develop an exclusive technology, used also in the quartz slab processing lines, which is centred around use of the gauging system with the patented MC/8 spindles, and the special SG/8 polishing heads .... and all of this combined with the reliability and ease of use and maintenance that is typical cf Breton's machines.


In the new range of LEVIBRETON KCP machines, gauging is done using the new patented MC-8 spindles. 

Each MC/8 spindle has an external diameter of 650 mm, while each diamond roller has a diameter of 180 mm with a 60 mm wide diamond band.

Depending on the required production capacity, the Levibreton KCP machines can be equipped with a variable number of MC-8 gauging spindles.

On request the LEVIBRETON KCP machine for gauging and honing the slab substrate can also be equipped with spindles operatirig under pneumatic pressure and mounting SC/8 heads with oscillating bricks, able to finely hone the surface. 

The patented MC-8 gauging spindle

The MC-8 spindle has three distinct motor drives: 
  • one to precisely adjustthe unit vertically. This is achieved by means of dovetail slides and a gear reducer with a recirculating ball-bearing screw, driven by a self-braking motor.
The vertical position of each spindle is shovm on a digital display that can be easily seen by the operator:
  • one for the tool holder body rotation; 
  • one for the radial roller rotation, with direct drive through a pair of bevel gears.
Thanks to its operating method, the MC-8 spindle gauges and levels slab surfaces superbly, while using the diamond tool in the most technologically correct way. 
Consequently, there is a drastic reduction in the gauging costs with respect to alternative systems, which have now become obsolete.

Main advantages of the exclusive Breton gauging and levelling system with MC/8 spindles

  1. Lower investment costs since, for the same productivity, the processing lines are shorter than traditional ones.
  2. Drastic reduction in gauging/levelling/pre-honing costs.
  3. The surface finish is ''finely honed'', therefore fewer polishing heads are required subsequently, resulting in lower honing costs.
  4. The problem of changing sizes is eliminated.
  5. Only one type of diamond tool needs to be managed for gauging and levelling. 


Over the years, with the Levibreton KGP series machines, Breton has established precise reference points that have been an inspiration for the entire market. 

Now, with the latest Levibreton KGP series, Breton has confirmed its leadership in quartz slab polishing with innovative and reliable technical solutions. 

Levibreton KGP machines offer the highest production efficiency.

They are equipped with SG8 heads with oscillating bricks, which polish perfectly. 


Breton is also able to provide its customers with the operational and technological assistance on machine use to ensure rnarket-leading quality. 

Breton's aftersales service, which includes a dedicated hot-line service, is always  ready to respond to the customer, to efficiently solve any problems.
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